3366 bicycle brands   

                         Bicycle Brands list updated 02/13/2013 from 3,150 to 3,366 brands!

     In the early 1970's, The Wheelmen and member Dr. Charles Hetzel started compiling a list of bicycle brands made in America. The list included the company that either manufactured or distributed the bicycle as well as the city, state and date the bicycle was made. Some of the brands listed were identified by bicycle name plate badges. Others were identified by manufacturer's catalogs, advertisements, business directories and/or bicycle industry listings. The list has continued to grow throughout the years and now includes 3,366 bicycles between 1890 and 1918. 

      Many of the bicycle companies used numbers to distinguish models.  Starting with Number 1 and going up in some cases greater than 600.  Also generic terms such as "Roadster", "Ladies", "Gents" and "Racer"  were used to identify models.  Please note that the list does not include all the companies that used these titles to describe a brand.
       Note: If anyone knows of a bicycle brand that is not listed on this page and would like to contribute to this listing, please email Wheelmen Librarian Ross Hill with supporting documentation such as a photo of a name badge on or off the bicycle, or any ads from period magazines, catalogs, business directories, or newspapers, etc. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

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